"Frequently Asked Questions" about our Program

Well if you are like us, you drive a car that is five years or older and while we would love a new car, it's a lot cheaper to keep the old car than it is to pay $362 a month for a new one.
An extended warranty works like health insurance for your car. If you plan to keep your car two or three years or more, it just makes sense. Stuff happens, things break, and we've got you covered if that happens.
If you sell before the warranty expires, you know your car's next owner will appreciate the extra coverage and may pay more for your car for the valuable coverage.

If you have found this page, you know you can apply online. If you want to walk through the application with someone, call us at 877-938-3332.

12 clicks. We mainly need your address and eventually your VIN. If you use Address Autofill, it will be faster. We are always working to make this faster because we get it, we have a short attention span too and clicking is exhausting!

Like with all coverage plans, there may be a short waiting period before coverage begins. Since you have 30 days to cancel, activation generally begins after you make your first payment (after 30 days). The time may vary, so you can go to our terms and conditions for details and duration.

The deductible is a portion of payment on an approved claim you will be responsible for paying. If your plan includes a deductible, you will need to pay the deductible amount to the repair center before we pay them. We do have a "no deductible plan" available. You decide what works best for you.

This is an industry term that describes what is covered by your contract. What it means is - always check what is and what is not covered. We provide this to you in the contract, but we don't want you to be surprised. Of course, you can email us if you have questions at For example, if "Alternator" is listed in the "what is covered section" of the contract and your alternator breaks, then getting it repaired will be covered under the terms of this type of contract. Simple.

The overall program is backed by an AM Best "A-Rated" insurance company. All products are registered and compliant in each State we do business in by the State's insurance commissioner. This means we will do right by you.

Take your car to the nearest authorized repair facility (as in not your Uncle Fred who knows something about cars) for diagnosis as soon as you can. If you don't know where to go, Google helps, just turn on your GPS. Sometimes things get worse when you ignore the red dashboard lights, so we recommend you schedule a repair as soon as possible. Tell the repair facility to visit the claims website "" for 24/7 claims submission and instruction. They will provide us receipts for the repair and then we pay them. For further help, contact us atTBD, orTBD.

Of course you can! This isn't jail. Call usTBD -->

You call us atTBD during 8-5pm CT or leave a voicemail.
To view products and get pricing on our protection products, you'll need your VIN and the Referral Code provided to you. Our service contracts are available for purchase right now, on this website, through affordable monthly payments with no interest. We promise to never spam you with calls like the other guys.